Crypto Analyst Short-Term Bearish on $FTM and NEAR, Bullish on $AAVE and $ATOM


Recently, the host of the highly popular YouTube series Coin Bureau, explained why he forsees bearish price action in the short term for Fantom ($FTM) and Near Protocol ($NEAR) and why he is optimistic about the short-term prospects of Aave ($AAVE) and Cosmos ($ATOM).

In a video released three days ago on YouTube channel Coin Bureau, the show’s pseudonymous host “Guy” shared his thoughts on the native tokens of four important crypto projects: Fantom, Near Protocol, Aave, and Cosmos.

According to a report by the Daily Hodl, Guy had this to say about these four cryptoassets:

  • $FTM: “FTM is looking strong on the charts, but the RSI suggests it starting to run out of steam. We’re also approaching a significant zone of resistance around the $2.60 mark so be on the lookout for that if you hold FTM too.
  • $NEAR: “Don’t get too caught up in the FOMO though. The chart suggests that NEAR is just about done pumping and we could see it drop as low as $12 to $13 in the days ahead as it enters another consolidation phase.
  • $AAVE: “Aave’s pump on the other hand seems to be getting started. It’s been caused by the news that a Swiss bank called SEBA will be integrating the institutional version of the save protocol o allow its protocols to do DeFi in a compliant manner… Even though Aave is a bit overextended on the daily, the weekly chart reveals that it has the momentum it needs to break through the zone of resistance at the $300 mark in the coming months. I suspect Aave will start to stutter around the $400 mark which is its next zone of price resistance.
  • $ATOM: “ATOM’s price action looks eerily similar to Aave’s in that its weekly price momentum is massive. If we see a repeat of what happened in May, it won’t be long before ATOM sees another all-time high.

Per data by CryptoCompare, currently (as of 19:54 UTC on December 30), $FTM, $NEAR, $AAVE, and $ATOM are traing around $2.175 (+ 0.65%), $14.98 (+2.96%), $263.04 (+8.48%), and $30.05 (+11.67%) respectively.


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